So You’re Thinking of Purchasing a Home…

Buying a new home is exciting, but at the same time, it can be frightening. Our goal is to help you find that special home that is perfect for you and your family – The American Dream. And we’ll help make buying a home as enjoyable as possible.

We hope this brochure takes some of the mystery out of selecting and buying a home.


Sorting out the Buying Jigsaw Puzzle

The Five Phases of the Buying Process

The most important first step in the home purchasing process is successfully choosing the right Real Estate representation, the Real Estate Company and the REALTOR®.  The Real Estate Company should be LOCAL and affiliated to the National Association of REALTORS® (NARand the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The Real Estate Agent or Broker representing the Real Estate Company should be experienced, have a proven record of successfully helping buyers purchase homes in your area with an extensive support team and be active in the community.

And how does The Village REALTORS® find the right Home for you?  This is where we shine! We will provide you with our Proven, Professional, Area Specific Customized Home Search Plan.  A generic plan developed by some New York executive for “McFranchise, Real Estate Company” is not the best plan for your home search in the Neighborhoods You desire.

that accurately reflects the current market conditions. Your purchase price has to please three people, YOU, the SELLER and the APPRAISER.  If the home is purchased correctly you will receive the Best Price, on the Most Favorable Terms, in the Shortest Time with the Least Inconvenience to you.

Negotiating your home purchase price and the terms of sale is like walking a tightrope between the Highest Price the buyer will pay and the Lowest Price the seller will accept.  It takes patience, psychology, flexibility, and knowledge.  Your REALTOR® is trained to keep the dialogue going until you reach a meeting of the minds. After all, you want to Buy and the Seller wants to Sell!

Remember, patience is a virtue!  During this time, we will be busy ironing out problems, speeding up the loan process, arranging further inspections, overseeing document preparation and coordinating appointments. When you purchase your home, we will give you our courtesy Escrow Guide, So Now Your Home Is In Escrow that will take much of the mystery out of the Loan and Escrow Process.

Targeting the Three “Must Ask” Questions for A Successful Home Purchase!

BUYING YOUR HOME is not something that most of us do everyday. The large amount of money and the complicated procedures involved can be somewhat intimidating. It is our goal in this presentation to simplify the process.

The Pre-Buying Interview Booklet will provide you the basic answers to the THREE Most Important Questions a Buyer should ask when deciding to Purchase their home or property. At our Interview we will go into more detailed and comprehensive examination of these questions and answers and much, much more.

Q: What are the qualifications of the Real Estate Company & REALTOR® wishing to represent my family in the purchase of my home or property and how do I choose who will be the most successful in representing my BEST interests.

Q: How do Buyers FIND the home they purchase? More accurately how will The Village REALTORS® expose me to the Highest number of potential qualified HOMES so that I will purchase my home at the BEST Price, on the MOST favorable terms, and in the SHORTEST amount of time.

Q: How do I select the RIGHT offering price for my home. Remember, that your price has to please three people; YOU, the SELLER and the APPRAISER.